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In an industry that demands ever increasing knowledge for better, faster, long  lasting, and  insight into the future we at Cable Assembly Systems Ltd. have had  to meet and exceed  not only the endurance of technology but have to understand  what tomorrow will bring.  

Our 35 plus years speaks of our success story in providing excellence in meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers.
 Whether we install eight links of fiber optic cables to various campus sites at a University to provide a legacy fiber systems that would meet the needs and look to the future to support the high-speed fiber transmission and long reach fiber applications.  This application connected the networks of yesterday and operate at the higher speeds of today’s networks without upgrading the fiber optic cabling.
Or work with various hospitals, installing voice/data and fiber optic cabling.  

Adhering to stringent requirements as we operate during hospital 24 hour service, utilizing tents to be in compliance and keeping the patients safe.
Or Police Services and lock down facilities where we have to adhere to strict codes of conduct as we service these locations.  All of our technicians provide criminal record checks prior to any work being done at these locations.
Or banks where we have to provide the latest up-to-date technology as the requirements of banks to meet and exceed their customer base is extensive.
Cable Assembly Systems Ltd.
is customer driven knowing that when our 
customers succeed, 
we succeed.



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