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 The networks of today and tomorrow are
  becoming faster and more complex

Cable Assembly Systems Ltd. has on staff an RCDD - Register  Communication Distribution Designer, which is a must at all stages of a  LAN (Local Area Network)
 cabling design and install.  


The RCDD provides guidelines to the customer from start to finish.

 The RCDD design’s a Communication Infrastructure   based on the customer requirements and industry   standards that will allow flexibility for the current   requirements as well as long term.  

From the bottom up, from pathways
to final termination and test
each piece of the puzzle is
carefully considered
during the design stages.

 Safety and quality is the main  objectives set out by the RCDD  during the installation of the  design.  

 Once the design is complete the
 RCDD will ensure the  implementation is done according  to the specifications.

 The RCDD will review the test result to ensure the quality of workmanship and   reliability
  of the new communication system.


 After completion of every project a complete set of “as built” drawings will be edited,   created and stamped by the RCDD involved from start to finish on any Network   communication systems installation.




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